The Path into light

Next date to be announced | Ibiza

An answer to the questions that you don’t ask loudly. The answer to the unnamed longing of your heart.
The Path into Light doesn’t teach you. It gives you access to every thing you need to know: who you are, how to step onto the path to yourself, what your life mission is. You come to find truth.

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Alpha Chi Consultant Training

07.09 – 11.09.2021 | Alsace

This – THE – holistic consultant training, with a worldwide unique approach, gives you a revolutionary perspective on coaching, life and our current time of change: the level of natural law. Register now:

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Orama Coaching


02. – 04. Dec 2021 | Alsace

The merchant is a priest in his heart, acts like a warrior and has the consciousness of a sage. He searches and finds ways to catch us with his knowledge, his heart and his action. He is a herald of the new times. He finds success in the new. He finds fullfilment in awakening others.“

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You showing up for yourself. Me showing you ways. 

Find answers to your life questions, get to know yourself better, find new ways, that enrich your life. Release trauma, recognise your life purpose and task. Learn to be unconditionally happy.

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The path into light

A seminar that, like no other, changes your perspective on your own being and life. You recognize the wisdom and the qualities that you have always carried in you. You remember the completeness and magic of life again. A new life begins for you, if you want it to.

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