Alpha Chi Feng Shui

New flow for your home, work and business spaces.

Places anD rooms
HAVE memories

Places and rooms safe memories in the form of energy patterns – about the time they have been built, about the people that lived in them and how they have lived and felt. These energy patterns are in an ongoing dialogue with everyone and everything, that is in this room or place – you, your business, your partner, your clients, your kids, friends or the dog.

Alpha Chi Feng Shui clears

Spaces of old energy patterns and allows their heart to beat in unity with your individual liferythm. That speeds up your personal development and brings truth and clarity into your life.

Starting a new chapter 

Alpha Chi Feng Shui helps to to bring new perspectives, solutions and energy in moments of crisis, into self-destructive life patterns and stuck situations. It invites peace and luck, when you have moved into a new space, helps with anxiety and unrestful sleep. Business spaces and shops become light and appealing. You make space for creativity, order and abundance, and find the ground to establish them in your life.

The honorary for a Feng Shui consultancy is to be individually calculated. Guide values are nine to twelve Euro per squaremetre for living spaces and 12 to 15 Euro for business spaces.

Feeling supported in your spaces, experiencing drive, where life was stuck.

Houses & Flats 

Shops, Offices & Business Spaces

Gardens, Landscapes & Building Sites