“Always gentle, always a force!”

That’s what one of my clients always says to me, when he knows, I have helped him over an inner boundary, which he is surprised to leave behind.

„Your consultancy has changed my life“, said another client, „and I know, it changes a lot of lifes“.

Recognising, understanding, guiding you to your own answers and insight – this is me. Born as someone who sees and knows, I already surprised people with my answers when I was a girl.

„Who am I, and what is my path in life?“

These questions are truly the root behind every feeling of discontentment, of unhappiness, sadness and health issues.

In the consultations that I give via Skype and one-on-one, I am helping others to change their everyday life, to dive deeper into themselves, to find answers to their big life questions and to anchor in their happiness.

I help you seeing the present moment in its network of future and past, to recognise potentials, release sorrow and fear and free your strength and power. Together, we find out about your next steps in life. You receive answers that help you to find your own.

Together with my family I live in Ibiza, where I my lightcenter ‚Source Of Light‘ is situated, it houses my practice and temple, it is where seminars, mediations and initiations take place. You are invited to get to know this transformative and magic place in the hills in the north of the island.

I want to offer you a thought.

Life is precious, not because it is short or because things do not last. It is precious because you are on a mission. You came to remember and fulfill yourself. To be happy. You came to and reminds others. It is your path, where the magic reigns. It is your souls dream, that makes it all worth wile. Send me a message, in case you have questions and to book an appointment.

Much love, Orama