Consultation that connects you
to yourself. Consultation, that
brings change. 

Your body and energy system, your longings and visions, your challenges and current life setting give the answers, that you need – and I am reading them for you. 

You get to know yourself. You connect with your needs, visions, your wholeness. You tap into unused potentials, and stop standing in your own way.

20 Minutes: opening up new and surprising perspectives for you, receiving answers to your questions, receving support for clear decisions, gaining insight for challenging situations. Creating flow to release blockages.
150 Euros.

60 Minutes: going deeper, having time to talk it through. Releasing deep pain or trauma, finding a new direction, planning major steps, recognising more of yourself and your vision, releasing old burdens. Defining an aim and starting a consulting cycle to bring it to life.
350 Euro.


Book an online consulting , or an individually arranged meeting in Ibiza, Hamburg, Switzerland or Alsace.
I offer individual Retreats for One-on-One work in Ibiza.

Schedule: Chose one of the here offered appointments and book online or contact me if you have questions or want to book an individual time/ date that is not offered here.

*There are a few dates available in July and August. Please contact me to book your individual appointment via the contact form.*