Rituals to free your life

This seminar empowers you,

to not stand in your own way any longer in your everyday business. Say good bye to non-flow, to the excuses, the procrastination and the aversion against what has to be done. In three hours you clear up your whole energy system, release blockages in the meridian flow and uncover potential and unused ressources.

You instantly experience change.

There is more flow and ease in your everyday life. You are more focussed, more effective, and more hands-on. You know whats important. You tackle your tasks fast and easy. You have a stronger tendency to do what makes you happy. A training from my teacher Agni Eickermann, and the most extraordinary short seminar I know.


Aspects of your life that you clean up

Happy Clients

Next available Date:
11th February 2018
Place: Zurich
Fee: 500 €

Spiritual Consulting
moves your inner worlds,
so that you can move
your outer world.