About magic, hidden superpowers and how it all unfolds

coming into this life, you brought unbelievable superpowers with you.
you might not even know or have forgotten about most of them. as a child, you were still in touch with them, and with the inner knowing, that you came for a reason. you wanted to bring joy into this world. that is, why children touch our hearts so much. this is, what we call innocence. most of us who are living on this planet as grown ups now, lost touch with their superpowers. they where taught, that their pursuit of anything in life is made possible by how much they behave and control themselves, and stick to the rules, to feel loved and accepted by others.

In the last years, in the pursuit of my very own magic and the dreams I carried deep in my heart, my superpowers started to come back to me. It was in going on that path to believe in myself, in my dreams and in life, that I began to understand: what I am and what I can give, is beautifully tied to the task and reason, I came into life for.

I had to let go of many ideas, that this world planted into my head, about how my life should be. I let go of the believe, that happiness is something that can or must be earned by fulfilling outside expectations.

superpowers are superpowers, magic is magic. they do not appear for no reason in your life. you have to give them space, you have to be awake enough to perceive them. your heart knows about that. and even if it’s sad at the moment or silent,

you can start a dialogue with it at any time. its voice gets more loud and clear, the better you listen, the more you believe.
if you ask yourself: how are we going to change this world, how am I going to find happiness?, I can only give you that one answer: find your way back to honoring yourself and your unique gifts. they are not about what you have learned or can produce. they are directly embedded in who you are at your core.

A beloved teacher and friend once gave me a sentence, at the very beginning of my journey: ‚Maybe it’s not what you are, that does not blossom. Maybe the seed of who you are is just not planted in the right soil.‘ I did not fully understand the meaning, until I experienced my seed unexpectedly falling into fertile soil, as soon as I dared to leave what has been
my way so far.

It is not that I, since then, haven’t had to overcome mountains of fear, believes and prejudices to get to the point to blossom. But it was since then, that it was always clear enough, where I should go. So even in blood, sweat and tears, I did not turn around again.
All the time, I also never stopped wanting to lead others to their fertile soils, to their superpowers, to their pursuit of magic. The very moment I started doing that, I realised that it was the most excellent plan and idea for me, for my life, especially made for who I am. For you and your life, there is also this most excellent idea. Go and find it, I say. And you will start to see the magic, remember your superpowers and find out, that life really is much more than worthwhile.