Thank you for asking – this is my answer (one of them)

I am really happy, that so many people around me are sharing their thoughts, questions, and also fears and prejudices about spiritual work with me. Since I embarked on the journey to be a spiritual teacher and to mentor others on their life journey, I was confronted and questioned a thousand times – to explain what I do and to find words for things that happen beyond words.

The experience and message I like to share most, is that spiritual work very concretely addresses daily life and daily business and daily problems. That is often a big AHA-moment for my clients and conversation-partners.
So, to get down, but not dirty: depressions, fears, burn out, crisis of identity, marriage problems, questions like ‘shall I quit my job and will I find a better task?’, money-based fears and challenges, small and serious illnesses, friendship-issues, sleep-issues, men-issues, women-issues – whatever makes us stumble and fall, whatever makes us feel so ashamed, that we maybe don’t even want to talk about it – all of this is object and issue of spiritual work. Where we feel weak or challenged, we find the biggest potential for growth, for being open(hearted) to a new path.

We ALL most likely, at one or more points in life, have to deal with situations, that just feel deeply shitty. And still sometimes it may seem like, even in these times, we live in a kind of sunshine-society, where problems are somewhere over there, but not in our own lifes. We talk about politics, we point to

other countries, we discuss eating meat or not. Don’t get me wrong, these are all very important matters. But then such a big amount of our fears and challenges is rooted in our own hearts and minds, and can only be solved there.
We often need support, to do that, so that the shit we go through doesn’t stick, and we can learn and grow and find more meaning, more happiness.
Spiritual work is a highly potent way to tackle all that, to confront us with ourselves in the most loving way. It means to take responsibility for our life, our decisions, our feelings and our potential.

Lets be honest and open with each other, about what we fear, about our sorrows, our life, but also about our wishes, our hopes, our luck and our happiness. This is a dialogue about life, we all gain so much from. This is where transformation starts. And please, keep on asking me questions. Lets explore this together.

From my heart to yours, Orama