Akasha Record
& Consultation


von Agni & Orama

Find the guidance you need, to live your life with all its potential.
Do you ask yourself: What is the purpose of my life? Why I’m here ? Do you long to understand the desire of your soul: Do you know who you were in your previous life? And what do you bring to earth from your heaven? Do you want to deepen your relationships, know why you have just come together as a couple or family? This and other things are answered by an Akashic Records Reading. You can choose who I’m going to do your reading with.

Paths of Incarnation

An Akashic Records Reading with a new perspective – from the Aquarian Age, for the Aquarian Age.
You want to find out who you are. You want to understand your origin. There are points of light on your way through your life to you, they are waymarks that mark sections. Do you know her? From them you get orientation, direction and light. Every single point of light is part of your original light, part of your path of fulfillment in this life. Did you forget her? We’ll remind you. “
Together with Agni, I also read readings about your origin, name texts and seminar concepts for you from the Akasha.

The fee for the readings with Agni is 2000 Euro.
Honoraries for readings of seminar concepts are to be set individually.

You receive all readings as an audio file.

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with Orama

Reading meets consulting and energy work. You will receive a recording of your reading to continue working at home.

New Years Vision – WHAT’S IN FOR YOU?

Almost all my clients book this reading every year. 

I am reading the time quality of the upcoming year for you from your individual perspective. Which areas of life, tasks and steps are in focus? How do you surf with the waves of the year and manage your capacities meaningfully? How do you expand your power and recognize yourself deeper?

You can ask questions and receive concrete impulses. You prepare yourself for tasks and challenges, and flow in advance.

I am reading the time quality of the upcoming year for you from your individual perspective.

From November to January.
60 Min – 600 €

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You find easy ways to your individual success.
You support the realization of your visions.

60 Min – 600 €

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Business Vision –YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS

For what you do, innovation, leadership and independence are needed.

You want to structure your life and work to support your growth and income streams. You want to prepare yourself for the steps and challenges of the next time, recognize potential and create flow. You want to find access to your target audience, your team members, your authentic voice, and your communication levels.You want to develop offers that are natural and valuable. In 60 minutes we put the puzzle together. We find new ways for you to succeed in the way that suits you. You gain safety, a deeper knowledge of yourself and time quality.


Exhaustion occurs when you are not living in harmony with yourself: your pace, your abilities, your path. You feel confused, gaunt and aimless – even if you can do what you want.

In 60 minutes, you set a new starting point in your life, on your way. You get to know and understand yourself, we create flux in your energy system.

You get concrete and surprisingly simple keys to use in your everyday life. You become softer and clearer, time stops running.

Overcome exhaustion | to recognize yourself | Increase productivity | Cure out | live according to your own rules

60 Min – 600 €

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